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Employee Referral Program Tips

By Net Assets posted 9 days ago


(from SHRM) With open jobs often outnumbering qualified candidates, employee referral programs can be invaluable for getting the right people in the right positions. HR experts Aubrey Wiete and Jenna Filipkowski suggest six tips for effective employee referral programs:

  1. Give employees the tools and information they need to refer. One company asks new hires to provide a list of names from their personal networks.
  2. Set clear guidelines and expectations, including who is eligible to participate and receive rewards.
  3. Offer incentives that motivate. Of the 74 percent of employers that offer referral incentives., 92 percent offer cash, with a median award of $1,000. Rewards often hinge on the referree staying for a set amount of time.
  4. Market the program. Be sure employees are aware of how it works.
  5. Hold leaders and HR accountable. Senior leaders must believe in the program and understand why it is important.
  6. Provide feedback on outcomes. Measure the program's success, and adjust as needed.

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