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A Need for More African American Male Teachers

By Net Assets posted 02-08-2019 10:51 AM


(from the Undefeated) A growing body of research shows that African American male teachers are both rare and critically needed in American schools. Since 2014, ethnic and racial minorities have made up more than half of the student population in U.S. public schools, yet about 80 percent of teachers are white and 77 percent of them are female. People of color make up about 20 percent of teachers and only 2 percent are African American men. A 2017 study found that having just one African American teacher in elementary school significantly increased a low-income African American student’s likelihood of graduating from high school and considering college. African American male teachers are also often perceived as more approachable and voted most popular among students from all backgrounds.

Historically black colleges and universities as well as stand-alone programs can help train more African American male teachers. Many education experts say getting more black men, and men in general, interested in teaching must begin with dismantling the stereotype that it’s “woman’s work” or merely a low-paying, low-reward career.

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