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Three Levels of School Network Security

By Net Assets posted 02-07-2019 08:03 AM


(from EdTech) Independent and smaller schools have smaller budgets to protect their schools' networks, so efficiency in security planning is key. Before planning new cybersecurity measures, schools should first assess where their security protocols stand. Leaders spanning different departments throughout the school should conduct the assessment together, then consider the appropriate level of security. ATLIS (the Association for Technology Leaders in Independent Schools) outlines three levels. 

  1. Level One: Implementation of firewalls and multifactor authentication when signing into networks.
  2. Level Two: Separation of mission-critical networks from the rest, regular scanning of networks for vulnerabilities, and monitoring of network activity for threat analysis, among other steps. 
  3. Level Three: Full encryption of faculty laptops and desktops, integration of next-generation firewalls and regular internal and external network scans. 

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