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Study: Why Parents Choose Independent Schools

By Net Assets posted 01-30-2019 10:17 AM


(from NAIS) What are parents trying to accomplish by sending their children to independent schools? The National Association of Independent Schools conducted research that probed that question by asking parents what "job" they "hire" independent schools to perform. In this "jobs-to-be-done" theory, a job is defined as the progress a person is trying to make given his or her particular circumstance. The research uncovered four jobs in this sense: 

Job 1: When a school is failing my child, either academically or by not providing a safe learning environment, help me find a school that will address those obstacles.
Job 2: When I have a child who is intelligent and emotionally mature, help me find a school that will ensure my child’s continued growth so he or she will fulfill his or her potential.
Job 3: When a school is focused almost solely on test scores and academic curriculum, help me find a school that will focus on my child’s social and emotional development.
Job 4: When my child has talents that must be cultivated and I have a select set of acceptable colleges, help me find a school with an excellent academic program and outstanding reputation.

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