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Best of 2018: From Facilities to Financial Aid

By Net Assets posted 12-20-2018 02:44 PM

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Now a tradition (since 2016!), here's a baker's dozen of articles from the past year: a mix of the most clicked, most provocative and most appreciated. We'll be back in January with fresh content on hiring diverse faculty and staff, reaching millennial parents, speakers at 2019 NBOA Annual Meeting and much more. Happy holidays! 

jan feb cover

9 Growing HR Challenges, 37 potential solutions
From recruiting and retaining talented faculty and staff to managing benefits and leave, we've rounded up some of your peers' biggest challenges — and their brightest solutions. 

The Challenge of Managing Teacher Texting
Should independent schools prohibit texting between faculty and students?

mar april cover

Town and Gown and Common Ground
Neighbors have the power to make or break schools’ expansion plans. “It’s mission-critical to be active with the town.”

5 Minutes with Scott Looney: Start of an Era
This outspoken change agent says independent schools can do better for their students, themselves and the industry collectively. That means ditching traditional transcripts, merging in oversaturated markets and “pooling our resources to build everyone’s inquiry pool.”

may june cover

The Risks of Absent Leadership
Counterproductive leadership behaviors include distancing, overpowering, conforming — and failing to engage.

Every Inch a Learning Space
Multi-use learning spaces pay off for schools that think flexibly about their programs and resources. “A building doesn’t necessarily have to be cutting-edge architecturally to be cutting-edge pedagogically.”

July August cover

A Defining Moment or a Moment to Define?
If we continue to define personalized learning by student-to-teacher ratios or class size, we will erode independent schools' distinct value proposition.

5 Minutes with Sarah Reichling and Jennifer Tingley: Under Control
When it comes to weaknesses in schools’ internal controls, these CPAs have seen it all. Here’s how to protect your school’s finances, reputation and future.

Safety & Security: Dangers of Active Shooter Training Programs
Faculty and staff who have completed popular active shooter training programs often perform worse in simulations than those with no training, according to this school safety expert.

Sept Oct cover

The General and the Diplomat: Cybersecurity at Independent Schools
Data stored at independent schools is at greater risk than ever, but rigorous training, relationship building and hard bargaining for better contracts help keep it safe. 

Is Philanthropy-Based Financing Our Future?
Could a mammoth fundraising push enable independent schools to lower tuition?

Nov Dec cover

Overcommitted: The Future of Financial Aid
Fundamental shifts in demand for and uses of financial aid have stretched many schools’ budgets to the breaking point. Greater clarity, accountability and due diligence could help them get back to form.

What Every Business Officer Needs to Know About Enrollment Management — a Conversation
A conversation between Chad Tew, a consultant and former independent school CFO, and Laurel Baker Tew, assistant head for enrollment at Viewpoint School and formerly admissions director at the University of Southern California.


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