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Top Email Security Risks

By Net Assets posted 11-05-2018 01:32 PM


(from The Next Web) One in every 100 emails is a disguised hacking attempt. What are the most critical and resolvable risks associated with email?

  • Internal communications - Beware poor security hygiene by insiders and even data leaks from disgruntled employees.
  • External communications - Once sent, recipients can forward an email to anyone, including competitors. 
  • Weak auditability - Senders can never know for certain if a message has been received, read or intercepted.
  • Spoofing attacks - Crooks create a fake mail that looks authentic and can slip through security barriers, enticing people to share important information, click on a link or download an infected file.
  • Shadow IT - Reliance on consumer platforms outside of an enterprise system to send large files is risky.
  • Incorrect address - These are most likely to become a "bounced email" but could land in the wrong inbox. 
  • Weak user passwords - This is the "bane of many IT personnel’s existence."

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