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Unsung Hero: Diana Rego, Mercy High School

By Net Assets posted 11-01-2018 08:12 AM

Diana Rego

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Rego provides strategic counsel and has modernized everything from collections and benefits to campus security and financial aid.  

The Will J. Hancock Unsung Hero Award is given to business officers who have made extraordinary contributions to their schools and exemplify exceptional integrity, knowledge and motivation. At the end of each school year, new Unsung Heroes receive their award from their head of school, often at a significant school occasion such as a board meeting or an all-school ceremony. What makes these Unsung Heroes so special? The highlights below come straight from their colleagues' nominations. 

See a full list of the 2018 recipients. Stay tuned to for additional profiles.

Title: Director of Finance and Operations

School: Mercy High School

Years in position: 4

Years in an independent school business office: 26

Superpower: Changemaker. Rego was critical in bringing Mercy "back from the brink of collapse. In my experience, few professionals have the courage, strength and desire to do this kind of hard work. ... Without the careful, creative and mission-driven stewardship and management of resources that marks every aspect of Diana Rego's work, there would be no turnaround."

Modernizer: Rego "took an old-style business office with old technology and old approaches to tuition collection that drove parents away, and brought in new systems and a personalized approach that works with parents struggling to give their daughters a Mercy education. Diana's gentle yet practical approach has resulted in 100 percent tuition collection." 

Budget master: Rego streamlined expenses and created new revenue streams, with great success in campus facilities rentals. Two arts organizations are now in residence at Mercy High School. She developed a more robust benefits package for employees and new financial aid packaging, in tandem with admissions, that brought in the school's largest freshmen class since 2008. 

Nimble thinker: "She is creative and responsive in urgent situations. Over the past few months, Diana moved quickly using her professional network to identify and hire a campus security coordinator. We are safer with a more robust campus security presence."

Valued adviser: "She provides strategic counsel, tells me when I get too fired up, and also activates me when a pressing issue gets too close to the red zone."

See a full list of the 2018 recipients and read more about the Will J. Hancock Unsung Hero Award. will post additional profiles of Unsung Heroes throughout the fall — check in to learn more about other recipients. 



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