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Struggling with HR Compliance? NBOA Unveils New Guidebook

By Net Assets posted 08-28-2018 12:36 PM

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Addressing issues from hiring to classifications, expert analysis speaks to the uniqueness of independent schools.

NBOA today launched the publication of a first-of-its-kind guidebook designed to help independent school human resources professionals manage a growing, and by some accounts overwhelming, list of regulations and compliance challenges. “Culture Meets Compliance: the NBOA Guide to Assessing Human Resources at Independent Schools,” comes as a bundled package to foster ease of use: printed softcover book (110 pages), online eBook, and fillable PDF checklists and worksheets, which buyers can download and reuse as needed.

Jeff Shields, NBOA’s president and CEO, said the guidebook is a direct response to one of the more vexing challenges facing independent schools today. “Given the increasing complexities of HR compliance issues, and the safety and financial risks associated with non-compliance, ‘Culture Meets Compliance’ is a critical resource for independent schools to assess where their HR operations are today and to set a course, based on legal expertise and best practices, for the future.”

More than a year in the making, “Culture Meets Compliance” was written by two longtime independent school attorneys, NBOA’s Grace H. Lee and Potomac Law Group’s Heather J. Broadwater, with peer review by four independent school HR directors. Six sections cover topics from recruitment and hiring to leave and accommodations. Each section begins with an overview of the issues and legal requirements and ends with a checklist of compliance standards.

“While the goal of this guidebook is to provide you with tools and resources to assess legal compliance, I also know from more than a decade of working with independent schools that each school’s unique culture plays a critical role in school policies, procedures and decisions,” wrote Lee in her introduction. “A strong commitment to culture and morale can strengthen a school’s ability to attract and retain talent and may even help avoid conflicts and legal challenges.”

Order “Culture Meets Compliance: the NBOA Guide to Assessing Human Resources at Independent Schools.”



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