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School-Led Suicide Prevention Efforts

By Net Assets posted 05-18-2018 02:20 PM


(from NPR) School officials are acting with caution ahead of the second season of the Netflix drama "13 Reasons Why," which premieres this week. The first season, which centered on the suicide of a high school student, triggered cautions from the National Association of School Psychologists. Netflix responded to concerns by adding PSA-style messages filmed by the cast and putting up a web site with links to resources.

The national attention comes at a time when one in five teens may have considered suicide (known as suicidal ideation), research suggests. School leaders recognize that they have important roles to play. Experts say suicide prevention should go hand in hand with other school-climate efforts targeting problems such as bullying, fighting and discrimination — where students were targeted for their race, gender or sexual orientation — all of which are associated with higher suicidal ideation. Schools with more girls had higher rates of suicidal ideation as well.

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