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NBOA 2017: a Year in Review

By Net Assets posted 01-04-2018 11:02 AM

NBOA core values

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A snapshot of NBOA’s priorities, accomplishments and operational health in support of member schools during the 2017 fiscal year

From the January/February 2018 Net Assets magazine

Most data are for the year ending June 30, 2017.

Professional Development and Networking

NBOA provides year-round opportunities to help new and experienced business and operational leaders better perform their jobs and support their schools.

  • 4,137 participants in NBOA webinars
  • 25 CPE-approved programs offered (14 webinars, 5 live meetings, 6 online courses)
  • 103 webinars archived for members’ 24–7 access
  • 1,291 attendees at the 2017 Annual Meeting
  • 500+ articles on
  • 16 communities on NBOA Connect
    NBOA Connect
  • 17,922 downloads from the NBOA Library
  • 169 concurrent sessions, deep dives and “goldmines” at the 2017 NBOA Annual Meeting
  • 411 positions posted on CareerHQ
  • 3,516 discussion posts on NBOA Connect
  • 85% response rate

National Visibility and Thought Leadership

NBOA is the only national association committed to the financial and operational health of K–12 independent schools.

  • 130 new U.S. member schools
  • 81 international member schools
    NBOA member schools
  • 20 national and regional speaking engagements featuring NBOA staff
  • 47,661 issues of NetAssets magazine mailed to member schools
  • 12,704 followers and likes on social media
  • 1,361 U.S. member schools

Financial Health

NBOA models strong financial health and fiscal stewardship.

  • 57% member dues revenue as a percentage of total revenue
    NBOA revenue
  • 43% non-dues revenue as a percentage of total revenue
  • 180% percentage by which NBOA met its goal of maintaining an operating reserve of 50% of annual operating and program expenses
  • $343,000 revenue per budgeted FTE
  • $5.38 million revenue

Member Return on Investment

NBOA develops and delivers relevant, high-value resources to ensure the success of our member schools.

  • 97% membership retention
  • 93% percentage of primary school contacts who agree that NBOA helps their school understand the importance of sound finance and operations
  • 93% percentage of heads of school who agree that NBOA identifies horizon issues and provides meaningful insight before these issues impact their schools
  • $1.884 million member savings on national vendors through PurchasingPoint

Actionable Data and Benchmarking Research

NBOA conducts first-in-class research and data-collection so that member schools can better assess and strengthen their financial health.

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