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Transparency Replaces Discretion in Sexual Abuse Cases

By Net Assets posted 05-10-2017 10:40 AM


Detailed and public responses to allegations of sexual abuse at independent schools reflect what many believe is a "sea change" within a sector that for decades, and sometimes even generations, was known for quietly handling such allegations internally. An example of the new approach is Sidwell Friends School's recent response to accusations that a longtime music teacher had sexually abused a student at another school 21 years ago. According to The Washington Post, The school quickly "obtained a police report, confronted the teacher, met with attorneys and drafted a public statement that included an admission" that the Sidwell administrator who had offered the teacher the job had known that "boundaries had been crossed" in his previous job.

The former student who filed the allegation also noted Sidwell's transparency, in direct contrast to the "grilling" she said she had received by the school where the alleged incidents had occurred.

The Washington Post (05/09/17)

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